Our Hosting is the fastest on the block is ready to scale has automated backups stays up to date

 Fastest on the block

 Lightning fast servers regardless of  the web application. Technology stack is minimal to ensure optimal website speeds.

 Latest & Greatest

 I am constantly finding new ways to make the system better. Current server technology is kept up to date automatically to keep up to standards and security

 Say “Bye” to shared hosting

All of your websites are kept on your own server. Freshly provisioned specifically for your needs and your website. Servers do not have access to each other

Ready to Scale

 Ready to Scale

Do you have heavy website traffic? As long as your application is compatible for server scaling, we can make it happen!

 Automated Backups

Scared you might “broke” your website? Don’t worry. We have automated weekly backups in case of catastrophic events

 From Website to Game Server

No matter your hosting need, we can fit for you. If you need our hosting for something such as a game server or voice server, we can still help! Pricing & Plans will be different from case to case

Private Hosting Pricing


Monitored Hosting means I will be running tools on your website that gives alerts of specific problems. These are normally specific to each project.

For example; if you are running a PHP application (especially if it’s one I built), and a error occurs on a page, I will get notifications about the issue and do what I can do fix that issue. If it is a more complex problem, additional work may be required.

Examples of Monitoring Tools:

  • Website ping testing
  • PHP error notifications
  • JS error notifications
  • Slow query notifications


Yes, in a way; cPannel only slows a server down. I use the most minimal server stack possible. All features through cPannel are available with my Developer Operations Panel I can give you. This is a shared access to the server “box” with the ability to:

  • Create SSH access to the server
  • Easily restart the web service / server
  • Many more advance developer operations panel.
  • Create and open ports to server
  • Install Linux applications or packages

Essentially this is like cPannel, just a little bit harder and requires knowledge on Linux to manage.

If you are interested in getting features like FTP, or database access, it is all still possible!