Hourly Service Rate

$50 / hour

Per Hour Projects are normally for projects that aren’t fully determined at the start, or for projects with continuous development

Some examples of projects that could use hourly service rate:

  • Continous Developed WordPress Website
  • Websites with weekly or daily updates
  • Larger Projects
  • Custom Made Websites
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Number Tracking

Billing Information

Billed weekly or semi-weekly due within 3 days

Static Project Cost


Static Project Costs are for small projects, or projects that have a set goal, design, and or objective. Static costs are iffy to estimate so I only like using this method for smaller projects, avoiding future problems.

Some examples of projects that could a static cost:

  • WordPress Plugins
  • Application Script / Application Bot
  • Automated Script
  • Code edits
  • WordPress Websites

Billing Information

Billed at end or near finish due within 3 days