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Highly qualified, tenacious, and well accomplished Applications and Software Engineer. Armed with proven skills and experience in programming projects, enterprise content management system, improving business performance, task management, and Object-oriented application building in a professional Agile/Scrum environment. Also adept at providing strategy, management, technology and software develop services. Trained to demonstrate proven effectiveness to concurrently prioritize and assume technical tasks. I am determined to implement earned skills for the rapid growth of the prospective organization by working effectively and consistently.

# My Specializations:


 All my experiences with programming, This framework has always been my go-to. Most of my experience with php is specialized with this framework, so any app that you are building from scratch, this will be our base. Projects that use this normally feature customized backed components (Like a inventory management system, tunnel system. Basically anything that isn’t “easily” doable in wordpress.


Sites involving a basic setup, like a front page or just a information site we will probably end up using word press. These websites normally end up being used in most cases for projects under the $1000 range. The time difference when building a custom site vs using a word-press system is very big, with word-press being the cost flexible system.

# My Testimonials:

Andrew is the real deal. He save me hundreds of dollars by moving my website to a more cost effective platform. He has excellent communication skills and he is very responsive. He did a great job of walking me through the process and reassured me that my hosting needs would be taken care of quickly and efficiently.
Jamila SampsonreCore Talent, LLCUpwork

Andrew is a highly skilled php programmer. He went above my initial request by devoting extra time by adding a clever feature in my payment form. I couldn’t of hired anybody better for this job. He completed the required job in a timely manner. Highly recommended

Ryan GadAPI Payment PanelUpwork

Andrew was instantly available, quickly accomplished the task at hand, and is wiling to take on additional tasks that come up in support of our non-profit writers club. Kudos to Andrew!

David GeorgeUpwork ClientUpwork